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Why Us?

There are a lot of people who call themselves college admissions consultants, coaches, or even people who promise to get your student into college. The fact is no one can guarantee admission into a particular college. But, there are many ways to improve your child’s chances of getting into the school of his or her choice, and that is where our approach helps you the most.

Precision Admission Profile
What school is right for my student? Which program within that school? Precision Admission knows what questions to ask and walks your student through a profiling process. The Precision Admission Profile helps us get to know our clients better and also helps them get to know themselves. The Profile helps us guide students to find schools that may fit their academic, social, financial, and physical requirements.

Precision Admission Match
Finding the right school is a challenging and important task. Based on the Precision Admission Profile, we create a personalized list of colleges that meet your student’s unique needs and desires. The Precision Admission Match will include dream schools, target schools, and probable admit schools.

Precision Road Map
The college admissions process is complicated and can be overwhelming. The Precision Road Map provides each student with the necessary information to complete all parts of the application in a timely manner. This visual tool gives you a timeline for creating a resume, preparing essays, getting recommendations, applying for scholarships and more. The Road Map ensures that students and parents are prepared well in advance so that key deadlines can be met.

Precision Admission Testing Plan
Based on your student’s profile and goals, Precision Admission will develop a recommended strategy and timeline for standardized tests, including SAT, ACT, AP, and SAT Subject Tests. Information regarding test preparation will also be included.

Precision Admission Essay Planner
Different colleges require different essays. However, there are often strategies for reducing the total number of essays that must be written. Sometimes essays can be revamped to satisfy the requirements of multiple schools. Once your college list is finalized, we will provide a Precision Admission Essay Planner. This personalized tool will list, in one place, the essay questions for all your student’s chosen schools. It will also provide an analysis of which essays can be reused so that your student knows the total number of essays to prepare.

Precision Admission Coach
Everyone benefits from coaching, and the college admissions process is no different. We provide continuous support to both parents and students throughout the year with regular face-to-face meetings, phone calls, emails, and text messages. You will receive guidance about important issues like what classes and tests to take, who and how to ask for recommendations, essay and interview preparation, and what to put on a resume. We are even with you after the application process to help your student if they are deferred, waitlisted, or receive multiple offers.

Purple Power Pack
Today, there are many sources of information about colleges, admissions, financial aid, and other application-related issues. The challenge is that these resources are diverse, spread out, and of varying quality. We have taken the best information and collected it for you in our Purple Power Pack, which includes sections on testing, essays, resumes, recommendations, financial aid, interviewing and more. Each student will receive one of these binders full of information and checklists. Additional tips and tools will be provided throughout the process. Everything you need is in one place.

Precision Admission Alerts
Our lives have never been busier. Parents juggle jobs, children’s schedules, family obligations, volunteer work, and the need to take care of themselves, too! However, it is extremely important not to miss any of the myriad deadlines in the application process. We provide students and parents with Precision Admission Alerts to remind you of key due dates. Our goal is to have all applications started well in advance and completed on time, without stressful events like waiting until the weekend before to start the essay. This is all part of the comprehensive service provided by Precision Admission.

Precision Education
Searching, applying, and paying for college is a multi-step process. Precision Admission offers our community a variety of resources to help. Our website provides information in a consolidated source. Sign up to get regular updates that keep you in the loop on admission practices, deadlines, financial aid, and other issues. Follow us to receive notification when new blogs are posted. Precision Admission will provide a regular stream of interesting and breaking news about the college search and admissions process.

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What Our Clients Are Saying:

"My consultant at Precision Admission asked me questions and really listened to what I had to say about my college choices. I could call, text or e-mail her whenever I had questions about any part of my applications. She made sure I included everything and got it done on time."
Sarah, Age 17, Buckingham, PA

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